Curious and interested people are allowed to stop by a rehearsal (with a prior email to Mike) for listening for no charge, to hear and see what we do. If wishing to join the group following that, steps are as follows:

We will still have the in-person cash/hat option but request $10 for a drop-in one time meet. This however does not allow access to the private Ukestra Members email account, with songbooks, setlist, plans and more content. We also offer an up-front annual fee DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP of $100 through PayPal.


DROP IN RATE: $10 cash or PayPal ahead of time for chosen practices on the calendar. (email me with questions at

BEST DEAL: $100 ANNUAL AT PAYPAL: (secure link)

Paid members will receive access to more, including a private email account for all Ukestra members featuring content and information not posted on this site. Also, performance opportunities and group events (potlucks, etc) are not offered to unpaid members of this group.

Occassionally we have “open rehearsals” at the Nashua LIbrary Theater, where there is no charge and audience chairs are provided for listening. Sort of in between a practice and a concert. These are advertised on our Facebook page:


Drop in player- member meets $10 cash/hat in person at locale.

PRACTICE FOR MEMBERS AT NASHUA LIBRARY THEATER, SELECT MONDAYS OF THE MONTH THROUGH THE YEAR, 7-8:30 p.m. Interested parties may stop by to observe a rehearsal without playing. There are extra chairs.

I thank you for your continued interest!