Skin Picks™ by Jesse Foster

 Jesse is one of our original loyal members and a friend.  A veteran firefighter, he’s quite the entrepreneur. For a few years now, he has developed and hand-produced these excellent “Skin Picks™”, custom leather ukulele picks in a variety of sizes and colors.



Jesse says:

“When I first started playing Ukulele in 2011 I found it uncomfortable to strum with my fingers, because of an old injury to my right index finger, so I set out to find some type of pick to use. I tried all the picks that are typical to nylon stringed instruments and found them all  lacking.”

“I thought that leather, being skin like, would work well and I cut a pick shaped piece and it was better but not ideal. I discovered “pick punches” and found that the only leather that would go in the punch was really thin so I got the idea of putting two thin pieces together and it has worked out well.”

“I punch the blanks out and use traditional leather stitching techniques and glue to meld the pieces together which gives the picks the stiffness needed to play.”

“I have two sizes: a small, similar to a jazz pick, and a larger traditional size that is actually a three piece design with a small pick shaped piece sandwiched in the middle to give it stiffness. The small pick is more of a strummer and the larger lends itself to picking notes. Personal preference is the key. I decorate them with various punch designs which also helps with grip and dresses them up a bit.”

Skin Picks™ are what I have labeled them: like using your fingers without using your fingers.”


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJesse wants to hear from you about his picks!  Please email him directly for information, availability and pricing at: